San Francsico Giants Win World Series KC Royals MLB

Let me start by saying: that was an amazing World Series to watch. Down to the very end. Holy wow.

But the rich just get richer, huh? The fact I expected any other outcome is absurd. Of course the Giants won becuase that’s all they know how to do these days, winning three World Series in the past five seasons. I feel like the Giants are the San Antonio Spurs of baseball; they are well coached, stacked with selfless veterans and consistently bringing up young talent like Panik and Crawford (who happened to turn of the biggest double plays in World Series history tonight) to push the team over the top in big games.

Not to mention the pitching machine that is Bumgarner. What an absolutely masterful performance tonight. Words can’t really do his outing from the bullpen justice. That was just ABSURD to watch and really special. You can tell your kids about it someday, “back in MY day guys still pitched five innings on two days rest, put the team on their back and won game seven of the World Series”

As for the Royals and all you KC fans out there: I still love you. America still loves you. You stole our hearts with your underdog story and we all were pulling for you to pull this one out (except Nevada). Sure this heartbreak will sting and you’ll probably relive this game for a while, going over all the ways it could’ve gone differently until you see the images every time you close your eyes. Hell, a lot of you are probably having your own private version of this moment right now:

YOST! YOSSSSTTTT!!! It’s fun to place blame on others when your sad about a loss, I get it. I lived through Grady Little (barely).

But hold your heads up high for putting on a hell of show, KC. Your franchise is set for a great run with all that young talent and a manager that seems very connected to the players, although he needs to learn how to call bunts less frequently. I know nothing I say in this blog will immediately change you from a sad-rage-monster into a fan that can look back at a magical season and appreciate the run. You’ll get there on your own time. And you definitely should, because watching you guys has been a blast.

So, congratulations San Francisco! You deserve this one because KC put up one hell of a fight. Go have fun and live it up tonight. Just don’t burn the bay to the ground as you celebrate in panda costumes tonight.

San Francisco Fans Panda World Series

PS: I’m going to count it as a win that I correctly guessed the number of games in this World Series even though I thought the Royals would win. Hopefully next season I can do better than 2 for 9 (22%) in series predictions and get above that 25% success rate I thought I would hit in September. I’ll train hard for next October everyone, I promise.

PPS: It was really sad deleting the draft blog I had for “ROYALS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!” In some other dimension I got to post that.


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