I haven’t blogged about the Red Sox in a long time. But this deserves it. The Red Sox just traded future stars (maybe, who knows) Yoan Moncada and Micahel Kopech for the Chicago White Sox ace, Chris Sale. A rotation of Sale, Price, Porcello, Pomeranz and the ghost of Bucholz/Owens/E-Rod.

Wow. But, as the talking heads are bound to talk about on WEEI: is this enough to bring David Ortiz out of retirement (lolz roflcopter no.)

Update: That’s a lot of prospects. Dombrowski does not care about the health of the farm, eh?


Tom Brady: (Still) Good At Football

The headlines tomorrow in Boston: The Patriots won, but was it pretty enough? Fun task for the local media – why don’t you go ask the Browns if they’d like to have a win like this. Go on the road after a tough loss and shove the football down a lesser team’s throat? Sounds good to me. On to the next one.

PS: Dion Lewis’ knee is looking prettay prettayyyy good to me. Jukes for days.

PPS: Malcolm Mitchell >>>> Brandon LaFell. The Patriots may have finally drafted a solid WR. Fingers crossed.


PPPS (I probably should’ve just kept writing this blog): Really good to see the Patriots continue to rotate LBs through Jamie Collins’ old spot during the game. Van Noy is a welcome addition.

Patriots Have A Lot To Learn


The defense played like garbage tonight. I have no idea why Matt Patricia was married to the idea of dropping 25 people into coverage instead of getting after Wilson, but that’s for him to explain. Also, did Jabaal Sheard punch his dog this week or something? He was a non-factor tonight when they could’ve used some help off the edge. The lack of pressure, coupled with the defensive line getting pushed around at times, made Seattle’s offensive line look like a bunch of Pro Bowlers out there. And that was supposed to be their achilles heel!

Seattle played a solid game, punched the Patriots defense in the mouth, and won. Props to them for that, and for proving to the Patriots that you can’t just throw out Coleman as your third DB and hope for the best. Or else you give up 348 yards passing and 3 TDs.

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Pats Player To Watch: Elandon Roberts

Keep your eye out for Elandon Roberts today (LB), who will help the Patriots try to replace Jamie Collins Sr. Hightower and Roberts should see a lot of action in the box since Malcolm Butler will be blanketing Doug Baldwin (WR) and Patrick Chung will be helping another DB (Eric Rowe/Logan Ryan) on Jimmy Graham (TE). When Russell Wilson gets frustrated, and even before that, I expect Seattle to incorporate some runs, short passes and screens, which is when we’ll see Hightower and Roberts flying across the field. Although, we might see Roberts a bit limited if the Pats choose to bring in the ghost of Rob Ninkovich, and/or Barkevious Mingo, on some of the more obvious passing downs.

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Dion Lewis: Officially Back (sorta)


Well this is exciting. The NFL is not known for big deals around midseason, unlike the MLB. Therefore, activating Dion Lewis from the IR is akin to an MLB team acquiring a fantastic setup man with their sights set on October. Plus they didn’t have to give up too much to get him a roster spot.

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Belichick Breakdown: Week 8


Oh hey there folks. It has been a bit since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize. I guess the last couple Patriots seasons took a lot more out of me than I thought. From writing about the highs of the Super Bowl in the ’14 season, to the lows of the ’15 season*, my desire to write went out the window.

But, watching the Cubs win their first World Series in 108 years sparked that little voice in my head that wants to do nothing but read sports, watch sports and write about sports.

Anyway – I’m starting small, with this hilarious moment from the week 8 Belichick Breakdown, where the legend goes over some top plays with Scott Zolak. It’s worth a watch.

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Well that sucked


Just blah. The worst thing about that game, for me, was that the Broncos were the better team for almost the entirety of the game. Sure the Patriots had moments where they looked like the dominant group from the divisional round, but holy crap did they look awful for the most part. There is no singular call to blame this on, and no I don’t think working tablets would’ve turned everything around for New England.

Remember when I said that the Pats would win because the offensive line would hold and Edelman would get involved and have a big day? Well never mind about that. The offensive line let Brady get hit an astounding 23 times. It’s hard to operate an offense when you get hit so frequently. It’s basic shock therapy, and at a certain point Brady was feeling ghost pressure when the Broncos would only rush three guys. It was awful.

The line was bad, but I can’t take anything away from the Broncos. At one point they put two guys on the right side to stop Von Miller, who streaked right by them. Their defense is scary good. As I said in my preview post:

With Von Miller and Demarcus Ware in the front seven and Aqib Talib holding down the secondary with Chris Harris, these guys have more than enough football IQ, and veteran leadership, to execute a complex game plan that will frustrate and confuse Brady. – It’s Horse Hunting Season 

And unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. It also didn’t help that Brady was the leading rusher for the Patriots, as the offensive line couldn’t even get a push going to get White/Jackson/Bolden any holes to break through. As my friends kept yelling via group text, the Patriots were better off taking a knee on many of the early downs instead of handing the ball off. Without a running game to worry about, the Broncos defensive line feasted on the Patriots.

So we’re on to the offseason. Let the talk of free agents, draft needs (offensive linemen, running back, etc.) and deflategate round 2 commence. PS: Go NFC team (probably the Panthers at this moment)!